The Organization For Economic Growth

“Strength Through Industry”

Guiding Principals

The Organization For Economic Growth (OEG) is a bipartisan group that was formed to promote and support measures that will strengthen local and statewide economic growth through two initiatives.

One: Support candidates for public office who are committed to removing barriers that unnecessarily inhibit investment and business retention. We will support candidates and legislation on all levels of government that paves the way to a more vibrant economy and the creation of well paying jobs. We are committed to opposing government proposals that increase the tax and regulatory burden on business owners and entrepreneurs. Legislators cannot be both pro-jobs and anti business.

Two: To promote and engage in lively informative public debate about economic policy and enlisting activist citizens in the fight to create a climate that permits business to flourish. Strong economic policies and job creating actions must be supported so Americans can thrive.

Large corporations and small business alike can flourish only in a healthy and expanding economic system that rewards innovation, prudent risk and hard work. Such a system needs to be free of excessive government meddling and redundant regulation that diverts business resources from productive endeavors to filling out government paperwork.

Strong private sector growth sustains and creates quality job opportunities, which in-turn provides livelihoods for families, greater options for consumers and comfortable retirement for workers.
Economic growth – not government regulations – creates revenue necessary to finance schools, roads and emergency services – and makes people less likely to become forever entangled in the social safety net.

The Organization for Economic Growth believes that the only way to ensure a bright future for our citizens is to support people and policies that unleash the power of the creative, industrious and forward thinking individuals that we need for a strong and prosperous America.